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Teaching in the Summer Term 2020



  • Compressed Sensing (Seminar)
    Assignment of topics: from 20.04 to 04.05 write an e-mail to Stefania Petra to get access
    Preliminary meeting: Tue 5.05, 14:15 - 15:45 via heiCONF
    Modalities: planned as block seminar at the end of the semester (July) if possible, otherwise online
  • Probabilistische Graphische Modelle (Prof. Christoph Schnörr, Hauptseminar)

Programming Practicals


For interested and motivated students, we offer the possibility to write Bachelor and Master theses in the area of mathematical image analysis and pattern recognition. The topics will be selected individually based on personal preferences and prior knowledge. Interested students contact Prof. Schnörr directly.

Past Terms